Oeufs cocotte au foie gras

One day, I found one jar of discounted Foie gras at Fortnum & Mason, so I decided to make ours cocotte au Foie gras with duck egg and quail eggs.


Ingredients: foie gras,crème fraîche, duck egg and quail eggs.


I used 3 little ceramic containers to make this dish. The first layer is Foie gras, the second layer is crème fraîche, the third layer is one duck egg or three quail eggs.


Take a bigger deep baking tray, add boiled water to the tray, the water level should be same as the contents of those little ceramic containers.

Oven: 200° 15 mins, both top and bottom heating elements, without a lid.

Pot: bring the water to boil, steam on low heat for 10 mins, with lid.


You can add some caviar for extra flavour.


You can also try to use some fresh herb, salt and pepper for decoration.


This dish is a perfect starter for entertain.


Quail eggs are prettier, duck egg is better for making running yolk.


You can eat it by itself, or dip bread inside.

Super Easy Simplified Paella

Paella seems very difficult to make, because you need to cook the rice with other ingredients in a same port. But what if we do it the other way around? Which is cook the rice first, and then mix it with other ingredients.

How to cook rice:

Put rice and chicken stock 1:2, plus a little saffron in rice cooker, fully cook the rice.

How to cook the rest:

You need one whole chorizo, 10 cloves of garlic, one onion, garden pea, tomato puree and mixed seafood.


You should get a good non-stick pan, heat up the pan, don’t put any oil, put chopped chorizo inside, wait for chorizo release the fat.


Using the chorizo fat to cook chopped onion and garlic, until they turn soft.


Add mixed seafood into the port; at this stage you can put smoked paprika.


Put back the cooked chorizo and rice.


Add garden pea and tomato puree into the port.


Mix all the ingredients evenly, actually it is ready to serve at this point, but you can do some twist to make daily meals become more enjoyable.


Stuffing squid tube with paella, pan fry the surface until the squid fully cooked.


Slice the stuffed squid and display with some salad.


Add fresh king prawn on top, close the lid for 5 mins.


If you have guests come for dinner, this version will be more impressive.

Food Events in London 2017


British food doesn’t have a world-renowned title, but different culture gathered together in London, made this city the capital of food.

In 2017, you can mark down these food events on your calendar.

Taste of London:the most famous one

Location:  Regents Park, London NW1 4NR

Ticket: Yes

Date: 14th~18th June 2017

Bellavita Expo: The largest Italian Food & Wine Trade Show 

Location: Business Design Centre Ltd,, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH

Ticket: Yes

Date: 18th~20th June 2017

Meatopia: the heaven for carnivores

Location: Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, St Katharine’s & Wapping, London E1W 2SF

Date: 1st~3rd Sep 2017

London Restaurant Show : restaurant industry related

Location: Olympia National Hall, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX

Ticket: Yes

Date: 2nd~4th Oct 2017


My Top 3 Restaurants In 2016

I’ve tried a few Michelin starred restaurants last year, most of them were in London, 2 of them were based in Amsterdam, 1 was in Paris.

Here are some of my favourites.


No.1 The Ledbury

This is the only restaurant brought me surprise in every single dish. Lunch time 4 course set menu is quite a good deal. But very difficult to book.

  • Food 9
  • Price 8
  • Service 9
  • Tableware 10


No.2 Vinkeles (Amsterdam)

I like seafood in general, and they are really good at seafood dishes. Price level is also very friendly, atmosphere is good too.

  • Food 9
  • Price 8
  • Service 8
  • Tableware 9


No.3 Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Love the idea of rediscovery traditional British recipes: the meat fruit was amazing, and, while the freshly made ice cream was perfect for summer, the rest of the desserts left me  unimpressive.

  • Food 8
  • Price 7
  • Service 9
  • Tableware 8

Some Michelin starred restaurants I had in 2016 were horrible.

The Clove Club: put seafood and fruit in the same freezer, serve with broken dishes.

Galvin La Chapelle: food was overrated, they also didn’t wash dinnerware properly.

La Tour d’Argent: worst way to spend €400.