Oeufs cocotte au foie gras

One day, I found one jar of discounted Foie gras at Fortnum & Mason, so I decided to make ours cocotte au Foie gras with duck egg and quail eggs.


Ingredients: foie gras,crème fraîche, duck egg and quail eggs.


I used 3 little ceramic containers to make this dish. The first layer is Foie gras, the second layer is crème fraîche, the third layer is one duck egg or three quail eggs.


Take a bigger deep baking tray, add boiled water to the tray, the water level should be same as the contents of those little ceramic containers.

Oven: 200° 15 mins, both top and bottom heating elements, without a lid.

Pot: bring the water to boil, steam on low heat for 10 mins, with lid.


You can add some caviar for extra flavour.


You can also try to use some fresh herb, salt and pepper for decoration.


This dish is a perfect starter for entertain.


Quail eggs are prettier, duck egg is better for making running yolk.


You can eat it by itself, or dip bread inside.

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