Super Easy Simplified Paella

Paella seems very difficult to make, because you need to cook the rice with other ingredients in a same port. But what if we do it the other way around? Which is cook the rice first, and then mix it with other ingredients.

How to cook rice:

Put rice and chicken stock 1:2, plus a little saffron in rice cooker, fully cook the rice.

How to cook the rest:

You need one whole chorizo, 10 cloves of garlic, one onion, garden pea, tomato puree and mixed seafood.


You should get a good non-stick pan, heat up the pan, don’t put any oil, put chopped chorizo inside, wait for chorizo release the fat.


Using the chorizo fat to cook chopped onion and garlic, until they turn soft.


Add mixed seafood into the port; at this stage you can put smoked paprika.


Put back the cooked chorizo and rice.


Add garden pea and tomato puree into the port.


Mix all the ingredients evenly, actually it is ready to serve at this point, but you can do some twist to make daily meals become more enjoyable.


Stuffing squid tube with paella, pan fry the surface until the squid fully cooked.


Slice the stuffed squid and display with some salad.


Add fresh king prawn on top, close the lid for 5 mins.


If you have guests come for dinner, this version will be more impressive.

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