My new cat is 19-year-old

I got a new cat last month, her name is Molly, she is 19 this year.

Her previous owner need to move to another place, but he can’t bring Molly, because she is too old for traveling. I moved in the house after Molly’s previous owner moved out, so it is same house, same cat, just different people.img_20170116_150452

At the first day I moved in the new place, Molly was sleeping in a yellow IKEA bag. So the first thing I did is get a bed for her.



After few days, I’ve been bitten by fleas.

So I bought flea drops from supermarket——useless; took Molly to pet salone——helpt a lot; took Molly to the vet——expensive flea drops; flea spray——totally useless.

But there were still millions of fleas hidden in the house, after remove all the old fleas, new fleas just come back again and again.

At the end, I got the pest control service, seems it finally solved the problem.


Even Molly really likes this bed, but I still have to trough it away, because fleas might hide inside.


But I bought her a new bed, she likes it even more than the old one.

This is the story of my 19-year-old new cat Molly.