Easter cakes across different countries


A friend of mine highly recommended the Russian Easter Cake Kulich, so I brought it in a Russian supermarket in London.


After I sliced it, I realise it really looks like Italian panettone during Christmas season. But it’s much drier.

colomba pasqualeimage ©italianwinefood

In Italy, people eat Colomba di Pasqua for Easter, it means “Easter Dove” in English.


I also brought another Easter bread/cake, it’s called Flaounes, from a Cypriot bakery shop. Made with raisins and goat cheese inside, also be garnished with sesame seed.


I like bread in general, I also love cheese, so this pastry is a perfect combination thereof.


My Greece colleague told me in Greek, their traditional Easter cake named Tsoureki. It is a type of sweet bread made with olive oil and orange juice. I really wish I could know that earlier, now I have to wait for next Easter to try it.

My Top 3 Restaurants In 2016

I’ve tried a few Michelin starred restaurants last year, most of them were in London, 2 of them were based in Amsterdam, 1 was in Paris.

Here are some of my favourites.


No.1 The Ledbury

This is the only restaurant brought me surprise in every single dish. Lunch time 4 course set menu is quite a good deal. But very difficult to book.

  • Food 9
  • Price 8
  • Service 9
  • Tableware 10


No.2 Vinkeles (Amsterdam)

I like seafood in general, and they are really good at seafood dishes. Price level is also very friendly, atmosphere is good too.

  • Food 9
  • Price 8
  • Service 8
  • Tableware 9


No.3 Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Love the idea of rediscovery traditional British recipes: the meat fruit was amazing, and, while the freshly made ice cream was perfect for summer, the rest of the desserts left me  unimpressive.

  • Food 8
  • Price 7
  • Service 9
  • Tableware 8

Some Michelin starred restaurants I had in 2016 were horrible.

The Clove Club: put seafood and fruit in the same freezer, serve with broken dishes.

Galvin La Chapelle: food was overrated, they also didn’t wash dinnerware properly.

La Tour d’Argent: worst way to spend €400.